Energoprojekt Slovakia Inc. ensures preparation of complex design documentation and performance of engineering activities for municipal and industrial power engineering. The employees have wide experience in the design of centralized heat supply systems (CHSS) since they participated in a number of projects executede in Czechoslovakia in the past.

We therefore offer our expertise and experience in the field of design and engineering activities in the construction of new, or reconstruction of, the existing CHSS's. Our offer comprises the following range of works: 

• Collaboration in securing the project funding

• The energy audit

By which we ascertain the existing conditions in your CHSS and propose possible directions of solution of revealed reserves with specific attention to economic effectiveness of the operation. 

• The personnel audit

By which we ensure an effective system of labour  organization and optimisation of jobs in your power economy. 

• Feasibility studies

In the framework of which we will elaborate:
- an analysis of the local heat or, as the case may be, electric energy market
- a technical analysis on the basis of which we will propose variant solutions of CHSS
- an economic analysis of proposed solutions comprising:
a financial analysis which will enable to assess financial stability and profit rate of the proposed solutions
a sensitivity analysis by means of which we will review possible impacts on the economy of the proposed solutions in view of to the expected changes of inputs
- a risk analysis on the basis of which we will prove the risk exposure in the project
-  the effect of the power engineering project on the environment so as  to eliminate adverse effects  already in the design phase.

• Complex design documentation

In all disciplines concerned, i.e., from the preliminary design to final design documents and as-built drawings, namely for:- Unit boiler houses- Heating plants
- Power and heating plants
- Cogeneration plants
- Heating networks, long-distance heat transport from nuclear power plants or other large heat sources
- Heat passing stations
- Pumping stations
- Electric power outlet
- Combined production of heat and electricity by means of gas engines equipped with current generators
- Refuse incineration plants
- Sewage treatment plants
- Landfills
- Rendering structures resistant to earthquakes
Apart from these activities Energoprojekt Slovakia Inc. is able, on the basis of the prepared design documentation, to evaluate the selection of efficient technology equipment and of the contractor for the execution of both the technology and the civil parst of the project. During construction we perform engineering supervision and coordinate the construction schedule on the basis of design outputs.


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